Friday, 20 January 2012

Listy Friday

Since I've been a bad blogger recently, here's a random list:
  1. Today I heard a funny noise while I was getting ready and looked out the window to see a man beating up a DirtDevil hoover.  He was bashing it on the pavement in a rather methodical way.  After about five minutes (during which at least three passersby asked he what was up) he collected up the bits of hoover into a big black bin liner and wandered up the road.
  2. I'm just finished knitting a preemie cap using this pattern by Carissa Knits.  I like to have something to knit while I'm watching television or travelling by bus/train.  These will be the perfect little mindless project with a nice charitable outcome at the end.  Also, I reckon it will use up all manner of oddballs.
  3. I finished a Beignet skirt, which is lovely, and wore it out to brunch with a few friends on Saturday.
  4. I pulled down the old roman shades that were in my kitchen when I bought the house and replaced them with new handmade ones (with a proper thermal blackout backing).  I've washed the old ones and they are drying now.  The fabric is a lightweight decorator fabric and I'm considering reusing some of it to make a skirt.  Possibly a wearable muslin of the pretty scalloped skirt in the Colette sewing handbook.
That's all I have for now...perhaps something with pictures tomorrow (:

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