Saturday, 7 January 2012

I sometimes wish yarn could talk

Christmas 2010 I knit a very pretty shawlette for my sister S using just more than one skein of this gorgeous sunstone Socks that Rock.  The pattern is free on Ravelry - Echo flower shawl by Jenny Johnson Johnen

Echo Flower Shawl

Gorgeous, I think!
This left me with just less than a skein of leftover lovely sunstone.  So, I wanted to turn it into something I would be able to wear – I love little neckerchiefs (as my sister A calls them) so I looked for a pattern on Ravelry.  I knit my little heart out on a half circle shawlette….

I realised that despite its prettiness, the half circle was simply too small to be a useful little scarf – I know I would be endlessly re-positioning it and rescuing it from falling off, which would inevitably make me shove it into the back of a drawer.  So.... I ripped it all out. sigh.
In the meantime, I let a bit of holiday knitting distract me - I’ve knit a lovely hat for my brother C, a pair of Duffers for my nephew/godson J, and an endless scarf for my sister C. 

But that ball of lovely orange Socks that Rock keeps winking at me from the corner…what, oh what does it want to be??

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