Saturday, 18 February 2012

Red and Pink

Mmmmm the house smells so yummy

I've been industrious today!
  • Washed out the vegetable drawers in my ice box (I'm not sure what possessed me, but they were empty and I seized the moment)
  • Posted my five mittens to afghans for Afghans
  • Bought a refill for my laundry detergent - I use the ecover brand and there's a shop in East Dulwich which refills them
  • Bought a bunch of lovely veg at the organic veg shop - aren't they gorgeous!  I just love the vibrant colours of veg, the red-pink of beetroot juice just makes me happy
  • Bought three kinds of cheese from the lovely cheese shop two doors down
  • Made rhubarb compote, yum! for putting on my yoghurt
  • Cooked up beetroot greens and sausage - very yum for my lunch and leftovers for another day
  • Cooked the beetroot (for some yet to be determined recipe in the next couple days)
  • Chopped up a pineapple
  • Made breakfast bars
  • Spoke to one of my sisters
Phew, I'm ready for a cuppa tea and a sit down. It's hailing here in Peckham so a wonderful excuse to chill out...I wonder if there's a period drama or a Miss Marple on the tele.

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